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Authors that write lesbian centric stories
Alphabetical by first name

Adriana Kraft -
A. Mistory -
temp website - (GCLS member, EAA, EPIC)
(Erotica, erotic romance)
*Bridget Bufford - (GCLS member)
Brynneth N. Colvin -
Dana Littlejohn -
Dillon Watson -
*D. Jackson Leigh - - (GCLS member, RWA)
Elana Dykewomon -  -  
Erica Lawson -
Erin Dutton -
Fran Heckrotte -
Gillian Kendall -

Glenda Poulter -
Jasper Faolan - -
Jen Cross - - (EAA, TLAN)
Jessie Chandler - (GCLS, MWA (mystery writers of america), SinC (Sisters In Crime), ITW (International Thriller Writers)
Kate Christie -
Kate McLachlan -
Katherine Forrest -
Karin Kallmaker -
Kira Chase -
Lara Zielinsky -
Lynn Ames -
*MJ Williamz - - (GCLS member)
Patty G. Henderson -
Radclyffe -
*Regina Hanel - (GCLS Member)
RJ Nolan - - (GCLS member)
Sally Bellerose -
Shawn Blackhawk -
*S. Renee Bess - (GCLS member)
Stephanie Rose at
VK Powell -
Writer's groups, promo groups, author's groups
Sapphic Planet - run by author Beth Wylde, is a group for writer's of lesbian stories as well as those aspiring to be published in the genre.
Authors and aspiring authors:
To join the SapphicPlanet writer's group email Beth for an invitation at
To see their website visit -
Readers: To join the yahoo fan group and chat with the SP authors just visit:

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