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Lesbian Literature Database - Publishers

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Publishers that accept lesbian themed stories
(These publishers may specialize in lesbian literature or this genre may merely be one of many pairings they accept)
For more info check their sites and guidelines
Alphabetical order by first name

******Publishers that have supplied me directly with descriptions about their business will be marked with stars next to their name and highlighted in bold to show the information is the most up to date available. If you are a lesfic publisher and would like to send me a paragraph description, including important and pertinant links, I will mark it with a star and post it in place of what may already be on the site.

Lesbian lit. friendly Publishers  

***L-Book ePublisher is a publisher and online bookstore of quality lesbian fiction. L-Book has well-known authors such as Jae, Fran Heckrotte, RJ Nolan, and more. We publish paperback, audio mp3, and multi-format eBooks. When you purchase an eBook, you receive all eBook formats. If you purchase an L-Book audio mp3, you receive all eBook formats for free. online web store can be accessed worldwide to purchase paperback and download eBooks and audio. Our books (paperback and eBooks) are also available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Sony eBook store, Rainbow eBooks, Moon Horse Books, and more.
L-Books are available in Paperback, Audio mp3 and five eBook formats.

***Phoenix Rising Press -
Phoenix Rising Press represents a new paradigm in lesbian publishing-a philosophical shift that is designed not to supplant, but to complement traditional publishing models. Phoenix Rising Press is a consortium. With Phoenix Rising Press it is my intention to provide a home for well-established, seasoned authors who are looking for maximum creative freedom and ownership of their work. Phoenix Rising Press does not accept submissions or solicit authors who are presently under contract elsewhere. At Phoenix Rising Press, the author's imagination is encouraged to soar, the editing process is rigorous, the book cover is created with artistry, and the price is set to ensure that, as a reader, you get your money's worth. Every Phoenix Rising Press title will be widely available at all bookstores, from online retail book sellers, and at the Phoenix Rising Press web store.

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