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Megan Rose

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Megan Rose lives in the UK, half way between a busy town and the peace and quiet of the countryside. She works in a local library, which is where her passionate interest in reading romance began. Megan began actively writing romance in 2006. Her first story; Thirst for Revenge, was published in October 2006.  Her stories have appeared in two anthologies by Torquere Press; Toy Box Gags and Toy Box Leather. As well as this, she also has a lesbian series under contract with Dark Eden Press. The first book in the Sweet Sensations series is entitled, Seeing Is Believing, and is due for release in March 2008.


Places where you can find Megan.


I have a MySpace page, which is totally devoted to my lesbian erotica. I serialised a free story here, which can now be seen on my website

 The MySpace page is private, but if you'd like to befriend me, please feel free to do so.
My other MySpace page is called Cafeplanet and is a venue for lesbian and bi-sexual women to find lots of information from clothing outlets, books to read and great nights out. We have many international members, although we do mainly promote events in the UK and US. Catherine Lundoff was the first author to hold a very successful contest with us and we have also listed Kira Chase as our featured author. If you'd like to come along and take a peek, you can find us here
As well as having my own Yahoo group, you can also find me hanging out at The Romance Bistro, with my fellow authors, Stacy Dawn and Sophia Danu. 

And lastly, in celebration of my forthcoming series with Dark Eden Press, I have just begun a special blog entitled Sweet Sensations. It has a lot of background information on the nightclub featured in the series and has already received a great response.

Megan’s Books.


Toy Box Gags, available from Torquere Press. In Shh, by Megan Rose, Julia is tired of getting her heart broken, and decides to just go for quick, silent sex. But even gagged, her new lover, Sprite, gets through loud and clear, without ever speaking a word. Will Julia lose everything if she expresses her love?


Toy Box Leather, available from Torquere Press. Megan Rose's Little Leather Book has Claire cataloging books for Rachel, and finding more than just books on her mind.


Seeing Is Believing, available at Dark Eden Press. May has been living a reclusive life ever since the breakup of her relationship. When a mysterious invitation arrives for the opening of an exclusive lesbian nightspot, she accepts. However, Sweet Sensations isn't just any club, as May is soon to discover.