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Dylynn DeSaint

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Dylynn DeSaint is an author of both nonfiction and fiction short stories.  Her favorite genre is lesbian erotica.   She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Adminstration (ho-hum).  After being told many times over that she was a good busines writer, she soon discovered that she was not only good at writing work proposals and memos but even better at penning erotic stories.    

She began writing fiction after journaling about office romances, work hijinx, relationship drama, and the likes.  One evening, while journaling something clicked in her mind.  Wouldn’t it be more fun to just make up stuff instead?   It was at that moment she decided to write naughty and tittilating fiction.  It grew to be a wicked and delightful form of entertainment, not to mention, a catalyst for creating fantasies that would come to fruition on paper.  She shared her works with friends and after much encouragement began submitting her stories to be published.

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You can find Dylynn’s stories in the following anthologies: 

        Iridescence: Shades of Lesbian Erotica, Alyson Books

        Purple Panties: An Anthology, Simon & Schuster

        Best Date Ever:  True Stories that Celebrate Lesbian Relationships, Alyson Books