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Sapphic Planet - Lesbian Literature database

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The Sapphic Planet author's website can now be found at
Sapphic Planet is a yahoo group started by author Beth Wylde to bring published and aspiring authors of lesbian lit. together. To join or inquire about the group, email Beth for an invitation.
To find out the latest news from your favorite Sapphic Planet authors join the sapphic readers yahoo group at:
This site has become the hosting ground for the massive les-lit database currently being compiled by author Beth Wylde. To get your info added here email her at
Info from readers, authors, agents, publishers, editors, promoters, readers and reviewers of lesbian literature are all welcome and encouraged. Please browse through the links I have and come back often as I try to keep the list updated. Tell others about the site as well.Thank you,
If you find a broken or questionable link please email me offlist at and I will try to get if fixed immediately.